Thank you for your service! We offer discounts for veterans, military, police, etc.

About Elite Auto Protection...


We here at Elite Auto Protection are dedicated to our customers needs. This is why we do not define ourselves as just "sales people".

We see our customers the whole way through.

We meet you as your sales representative,

we get to know you as your customer service,

 we renew your plan as your friend.

You will have one agent, never being transferred from department to department,

your agent will be there for you the entire way through your policy

whenever you need her/him.

We built this company for you, our customers...

No, really we did,

After many years in different walks of life, my husband and I have seen the beauty, kindness, and good of people and the greed, feelingless, ugly side as well.

My husband is a 2 tour Iraqi Freedom Veteran, former police officer, and sales representitive. I have been in this industry as a sales representitive for many years.

What we have noticed, espicially in this industry is that the customer is looked over, ignored, strung along, put on hold, passed to the next department, and mislead way too often.

We have both been repremanded, lectured, and have had to walk away from jobs for spending too much time on people that had put their trust in us.

Both being strong in our Christian Faith, we believe that we should do unto others as we would have them do to us, not as they have done to us.

We built this company backed by our A+ rated, AM Best affiliates

for you, our customer.

You are the most valuble asset to our business.

You are the person that puts their trust in us.

We WILL NOT let you down.

This is why we built

Elite Auto Protection

Sales agents here are held to a high standard, some think.
 We think it is quite simple. 
Sell Honestly, be there for your customer, and CARE!

Chief Executive Officers Elite auto Protection

Rhianna Corker Paul Corker