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Diamond Exclusionary

Diamond Exclusionary is our most comprehensive protection, offering coverage that mirrors your original factory warranty.

Platinum Plus

Platinum is the highest level of “stated component” coverage. From engine to power windows, to suspension, steering, & much more. Platinum is is commonly referred to as "full coverage" .

Gold Plus

 Gold  provides protection for the vehicle components that are the most vital, and often the most costly to repair. Completely user-friendly, Select protection is available for vehicles 15 years old or newer with up to 150,000 miles on the odometer. Coverage includes:  Engine, transmission, turbocharger, transfer case, drive axles, electrical, steering, braking systems,  a/c, heating, seals, and gaskets. 

Silver Premier

Silver Premier is comprehensive coverage for vehicles over 100,000 miles. Coverage includes; engine, transmission, turbocharger, transfer case, drive axles, electrical cooling fueling,  a/c, heating, seals, and gaskets.